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Gardening News, Issue #001 -- teaser here
November 07, 2012

Winter Bedding and Bulbs

Winter is on its way, so now is the time to clear out any old summer bedding and replace it with winter bedding.

Winter pansies, primroses and violas are the most popular bedding at this time of year.

These are available at the garden centre from September-October through to March-April next year.

Winter bedding can be used in tubs and hanging baskets as well as being planted in the ground. Plant bulbs in with winter bedding for an early spring display, these to can be planted in tubs and baskets.

Bulbs available in store now

Narcissi Jet fire pack 8

Minnow pack 8

Rockery mixed pack 8

Tete-a-tete pack 8


+ Narcissi mixed pack 7

King Alfred pack 7


Red riding hood pack 5

Johanna strauss pack 5

Guiseppe Verdi pack 5

Rockery mixed pack 5

Queen of the night pack 5

Tall mixed pack 5

Crocus species mixed pack 12

Hyacinth Prepared blue pack 3

Prepared pink pack 3

All priced at £1.70 each.

Large bags and netted sacks


Ice follies


Mixed daffs

King Alfred

Dutch master

Mount hood


All priced at £25.00 a bag/net.

Wall flowers. Erysimum.

Mixed colours available in store now. Plant wall flowers now for spring colour. Wallflowers like a well drained soil in full sun. £1.50 for a bunch of 10.

If a large amount is required please contact us at Anlex and we can order your required amount in.

Wild birds

In winter the birds need a little extra help when it comes to finding food,

Why not try our range of feeders.

The nuttery collection

Nut feeders from £15.75

Seed feeders from £15.75

Fatball feeders from £17.55

Suet cake feeders from £17.55

Suet nugget feeder from £17.55

Chaplewood feeders

Standard 16” seed feeder £5.50

Standard 8” seed feeder £3.90

Wild bird suet ball feeder £2.99

Standard 8” peanut feeder £2.50

Standard 16” peanut feeder £3.70

Wild bird food £1.00 a bag

Peanuts £1.70 a bag

Fatballs pk 6 £1.99

Suet treats £2.50

Pet Bedding Wood Shavings/Sawdust

Large £3.95

Small £1.95

Straw and hay £1.50 a bag.

Gas, Coal, Logs and Kindling.

Heating sources are available throughout the year.

Net pack of logs £5.50 or 4 for £20.00

Coal smokeless 10kg bags £5.80 3 for £16.00

House coal £3.90 or 4 for £15.00

Kindling £4.50 or 3 for £12.00

Calor gas bottles are available in a range of different sizes.

Butane (blue bottle) 4.5kg to 15kg

Propane (orange bottle) 3.9kg to 47kg

Patio gas (green bottle) 5kg to 13kg

Camping gaz 904, 901, 907.

Deposit of £35.00 is required for new new bottle purchases.

Regulators and gas pipe available in store.

Rock salt

With winter approaching fast who knows what the weather will bring, snow, ice and frosty mornings.

Stock up on rock salt and be prepared and ready for any sudden snowy down pours and blizzards.

Rock salt now available in store

25kg bags £7.50 each.


For more information, advice or help please Visit us at Anlex Garden Centre or call us on 020 8421 5977

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