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The Arbutus unedo is also commonly called as the strawberry tree. This tree is capable of producing flowers during the autumn season, but these do not give way to the fruits until a year after. An advantage offered by the Arbutus is that it can grow in any location. It originated in the Mediterranean region as well as the warm south-west region of Ireland. The leaves of this tree are sturdy and leathery in texture while polished on the upper surfaces.

Varieties of Arbutus Plants & Shrubs

The Arbutus is a small family of moderate size evergreens that can be cultivated into bulky bushes. One variety, Arbutus menziesii originated in California. This variety is not grown for producing fruits that are black and small in size, but for its stunningly remarkable bark.

On the other hand, this variety is difficult to grow. Another alluring hybrid is the Marina, which is commonly found in different garden centers. The bark of this variety is a combination of cream, pink and green. It produces a large display of pink flowers every spring season.

Best Growing Conditions

When growing the Arbutus, it will grow well in any soil and they tend to readily establish if provided with abundant humus-forming soil around the roots in the hole. This is done in order to provide adequate moisture as well as encourage a widespread root structure.

Arbutus should develop into a large, rounded-shaped evergreen bush that can be trimmed irregularly by simply cutting down the branches the bear fruit which can be used for indoor decoration. As a result, the tree will grow densely and also utilized as perimeter plantings.

The different varieties are only grown due to the appealing bark. They are best trimmed into average trees by choosing the sturdiest branch as the trunk and then eventually removing the other growths that are to six feet once the head is allowed to take shape.

Great Features

The Arbutus unedo will generate its great features during the autumn season, thus it also serves as the ideal climbing frame for clematis. Good examples include Etoile Rose, Gravetye Beauty and even Madame Jules Correvon. The hybrids are basically cultivated for their barks and they are ideally grown in the center of informal beds or as sample trees that are supported by lush evergreen plantings.

With its appealing beauty and great features, Arbutus is a lovely addition to any garden or space that you want to add a different appeal.

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