Autumn Gardening Products

See a selection of must have gardening tools such as leaf grabbers, gloves, boots, plant markers and more

Unisex -Wellington Boots

Unisex bootsUnisex boots £10.00 Black steel toe cap £10.00
Steel toe caps mens bootsUnisex Boots - £10.00 Unisex Boots - Pink £10.00
Welly Warmer £6.99

Pop Up Bag

pop up bag

Pop up bags from £11-99 size 46cm wide 47cm depth and £15-99 55cm wide  55cm depth

Leaf Grabbers

garden leaf grabbers

Leaf grabbers are £5.90. Ideal for gathering up the fallen leaves in the autumn.

And they pack away flat and can be hung inside a cupboard or shed taking up little room, great for scooping soil or rubbish up.

garden leaf grabbers red and greenGreen 27.99 & Red £17.99

Garden Gloves

garden gloves
selection of garden gloves
ladies garden gloves

Gloves for those messy jobs in the autumn, we sell ladies, men’s and children’s gloves so all the family can join in with the clearing up. Also great for keeping your hands clean and warm at the same time.

Garden Broom

wooden broom for garden
wooden brush for garden

We have a variety of brooms to use in the garden, on the patio and even in the house. The hard broom heads come separate to the handle which we also have in stock. 

We have red or blue soft brooms ideal for the house and a slightly harder broom for the patio or decking. Prices are from £5.90

We hope you have found this information on autumn gardening tools useful. If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information. Call us on 020 8421 5977 to find out more.


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10% Offer Excludes all fuel (Gas, logs etc) and existing items on offer.

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