Buxus Sempervirens

Buxus sempervirens box hedging.

It's a slow growing evergreen shrub or small tree. It has very simple, leathery leaves and clusters of pale yellow flowers followed by pale green fruits.

Sempervirens are large slow growing evergreen shrubs to 5m or more in height.

The leaves are glossy, oval or oblong and small, the tiny yellow flowers appear on the leaf axils in spring.

Plant ideally in autumn or spring time, 30-40cm apart in a reliably moist soil especialy if grown in full sun, or the foliage may scorch. or full shade under taller trees.

Water regularly, don't let young plants dry out, but do not water log them, particularly in the winter.

Feed with a growmore fertiliser in spring and add 5 cm of mulch, ie compost, bark.

Box can be grown in an 18inch diameter container with a loam based compost like John innes no 3 and clipped into  topiary shapes. Do not let the containers dry out even in the winter, container soils tends to dry out quicker. Feed with a liquid general purpose food monthly during summer, top dress established pot grown plants in spring with blood, fish and bone and some fresh compost.



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