Chcmaecyparis Pisifera

Chcmaecyparis Pisifera


A small, low maintenance, mounded, hardy evergreen, with thread like foliage that is golden-yellow on exposed shoots in the spring and summer.

Likes a full sun position but will tolerate partial shade, in a moist but well drained soil

Can reach 1m in height and 1.5m spread.

Thuja Occidentalis Rheingold

thuja-cccidentalis-rheingoldThuja Cccidentalis Rheingold

Rheingold common name White cedar conifer. A golden-yellow evergreen dwarf cedar.

The aromatic foliage looks fluffy, it turns from the beautiful yellow to burnt orange in the winter.

Ideal for all year round interest.

Plant in a full sun position in moist, well drained soil.

Can reach height 1.5m and spread 1m

Juniperus Procumbens

juniperus-procumbensJuniperus Procumbens

Uniperus Procumbens


A dwarf, slow growing spreading evergreen conifer.

It has beautiful, silvery blue-green needle like foliage with stiff branches.

The foliage is coarse with bluish undersides and develops a purplish cast over the winter.

NANA will spread along the ground if it has enough space or mound on top of itself if the surroundings are crowded.

Adapts to most situations and can tolerate hot or dry conditions.

Nana is ideal for ground cover, mass planting, rock gardens or trailing over a retaining wall.

Fully hardy likes full sun or partial shade in well drained soil.

Will reach 10-15cm in height and spread up to 1.5m.

Juniperus Chinesis

juniperus-chinesisJuniperus Chinesis


A slow growing, dwarf, low maintenance evergreen conifer.

It has an upright, columnar shrub with grey-green needle foliage.

Plant in a sunny or partial shade position in moist well drained soil. 

Can reach 1m in height and 0.5m in spread.

Juniperus Squamata

juniperus-squamataJuniperus Squamata


Holger is an evergreen, bushy spreading conifer.

It is a medium sized shrub. The foliage is blue-green in the winter and new bright creamy-yellow in the spring.

Plant in moist well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

Can reach 0.4m in height and spread from 0.9 - 1.2m.

Thuja Occidentalis

thuja-OccidentalisThuja Occidentalis

Brobecks tower

A hardy evergreen, that is a slow growing, dense cone shaped conifer with red nearly brown bark. The foliage is 

flat, rich green and the sprays are flat.

Plant in moist, well drained soil in partial shade or full sun.

Reaches 2 foot high over 10 years.

Thuja Occidentalis Golden Tuffet

thuja-occidentalis-golden-tuffetThuja Occidentalis Golden Tuffet

A very slow growing, hardy, evergreen conifer.

The young foliage is green in the centre of the shrub but mainly golden orange, that is yellow edged in the summer then bronzing in the winter.

Plant in full sun or partial shade in a moist well drained soil. Protection may be required from drying winds.

Can reach 1m in height and spread.

Platycladis Orientalis

Platycladis Orientalis

Aurea Nana

A slow growing, hardy, dwarf evergreen conifer.

The dense erect sprays of the foliage are yellow-green that are brightest at the tips.

Plant in full sun in moist, well draind soil.

Protect from drying winds when young.

Can reach 1m in height and spread.

Picea Rainbows End

picea-rainbows-endPicea Rainbows End

A hardy, evergreen, dwarf compact conifer.

The bright yellow new growth is very attractive, more so in the summer when it emerges, 

making it stand out from the green colour that it will maintain for the rest of the year.

Prefers a sunny position in well drained soil.

Ideal for containers and beds and borders.

Can reach 1.5m in height.

Chamaecyparis Obtusa

chamaecyparis-obtusaChamaecyparis Obtusa

Blue Feather

A slow growing, dense, compact, globe shaped conifer.

The young foliage gives it a fine, feathery textured looked in to maturity.

The scale like foliage is blue-green with a bluish underside.

Ideal for adding colour and texture to your garden.

A low maintenance shrub.

Can reach 12 feet tall and 4 feet spread.

Juniperus Chinensis

juniperus-chinensisJuniperus Chinensis

Kaizuka variegata

A dense conical slow growing evergreen conifer.

The dense columnar habit has prickly young foliage., when the foliage is mature it is green and spotted cream throughout the year.

Plant in partial shade to full sun in moist, well drained soil. Can reach 10m in height and 3m spread.

Cryptimeria Japonica

cryptimeria-japonicaCryptimeria Japonica

Sekkan -sugi

A small, conical evergreen tree with soft leaves, that are a creamy yellow when young then turning to dark green with yellow tints in the winter when mature.

Plant in partial shade to full sun in moist, well drained soil.

Can reach 12m high and 4m spread.

Cryptomeria  Japonica

cryptomeria-japonica-telford-goldCryptomeria Japonica Telford Gold

Telford gold

Telford gold is a dwarf, dense, dome forming evergreen conifer.

It has soft, but sharp pointed foliage.

The new growth is creamy-yellow in spring and summer with bronze tints developing in the winter.

Plant in partial shade to full sun in a sheltered spot, in moist well drained soil.

Height and spread up to 1m.

Juniperus Chinensis Expansa Variegata

juniperus-chinensis-expanserJuniperus Chinensis Expanser

Expansa variegata is an evergreen conifer with a low growing spreading habit.

It is a low maintenance shrub. The needles are forest green and creamy white which remain forest green throughout the winter.

Plant in full sun to partial shade, in evenly moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing water.

Will reach 4 inches tall and 24 inches.

Chamaecyparis  Lawsonia Elmwood Gold


A slow growing, evergreen conifer.

With a columnar, compact habit.

The young foliage is yellow at the tips and green-grey within the bush.

Plant in full sun in moist, well drained soil.

Can reach 4m high and 1m spread.

Thuja  Occidentalis Mirjam

thuja-occidentalis-mrjamThuja Occidentalis Mrjam

A dwarf evergreen, globe forming conifer.

With a striking golden yellow foliage in the summer which slowly turns orange and bronze-green in winter.

This compact evergreen will make a lovely addition to a rockery or in a patio container.

Plant in full sun in any well drained soil.

Protect from cold drying winds and needs no maintenance. Can reach 0.9m in height and spread.

Juniperus Squamata Blue Star


A compact, bushy evergreen conifer.

This conifer is a dwarf, but densely grown shrub.

The foliage is bright blue-grey all year round.

Plant in full sun to partial shade in well drained soil. 

Can reach 0.5m in height and 1m spread.

Picea Glauca

Picea Glauca

Alberta glob

A slow growing fully hardy conifer.

The short green needle like foliage forming a dense, irregular dome shape.

The new foliage emerges in spring in a light green flush.

Plant in full sun or partial shade, in moist, well drained soil.

Can reach 0.75m in height and spread.

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