Container Gardening Tips
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Container gardens are tremendously versatile. They offer homeowners a colorful array of options for changing the decor of their home as often as they’d like to without having to spend huge sums of amounts of time or money.

All you need to do is change the grouping of the plants on your window sill or on your patio and just like that, you’ve transformed the look of the space in a few minutes. We are always experimenting with container gardening and over the years, and have learnt what works and what doesn’t. So with that being said we’ve put together a few tips and ideas that we feel every container gardening novice should know.

Try And Vary Your Colour Scheme

No matter how good your colour groupings may be, after a while it will start to look a bit uninteresting. You can easily shake things up by shifting your plants around and grouping them differently.

Where there was a group of yellows and oranges, place a single purple flowering plant and see the difference it makes! Instead of always grouping matching colours, try putting together plants with contrasting colours. The difference is electrifying.

Vary The Height Arrangement

Grouping together an assorted variety of plants that grow to approximately the same height can give the space an interesting look. However, if you have the same arrangement everywhere, it can start to look a tad boring.To liven things up a bit, in some spaces, group plants with thin tall leaves together with shorter plants with broad flat leaves.

Go Crazy Over Containers

The containers you choose are just as important as the plants you choose to put in them. Having all the containers in the same size and in the same shade of brown or black can be terribly blah and boring. Instead, scout around for containers in bright and interesting shapes and colours.

We sell a few fabulous looking ones at the Anlex Garden Centre when there in season, so please contact us for latest availability. Also, if you do decide to buy terracotta pots, remember you will first need to paint the inside of the pot with a sealer so that they do not end up absorbing the water that is meant for your plants.

It is also a good idea to use a saucer under the pot to catch the spill-off water or else the continuous dampness could stain or damage your flooring.

Help Your Plants Look Their Best

A little bit of care and consideration will help your plants thrive and look their best• Use only high quality potting mix so that your plants get the best nutrition- a vital factor to looking good.

If yours is an indoor container garden, make sure you buy only shade-loving plants. Avoid growing plants with large, widespread roots. The space in a container can get quickly cramped.

Container gardens are a special boon to plant lovers who live in smaller apartments. A few single specimens strategically placed in even the smallest spaces can make a world of a difference to the entire room. Try it and see for yourself. Would you like some more tips on container gardening?  Get in touch  for more advice and information or call us on 020 8421 5977 to find out more.

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