Fuchsia are long flowering shrubs or half hardy perennials.

They flower from May to October, bearing hanging bell shaped flowers in a large range of colours from , Pink, purple, white and red.

There is a wide variety of Fuchsia , some hardy some half hardy. 

The hardy Fuchsia are grown as shrubs and the half hardy and trailing Fuchia are best for baskets and summer bedding displays. 

Trailing Fuchsia and half hardy Fuchsia are ideal for growing in baskets, pots or containers. Use a peat free multi-purpose compost with a slow release feed. Water the plants in well.

Grow Fuchsia in a sheltered site, as the flowers are easily blown off the stems in windy conditions.

Plant in full sun in any well drained soil.

Hardy Fuchias are best planted in the ground with a well rotted organic matter, firm the plants in well. 

The hardy Fuchsias do not like being moved once planted so make sure you chose the right spot.

Prune Fuchsia in the spring time when they are in active growth, do not prune in the Autumn as this can open the plant to frost damage, pests and diseases.

 The tender Fuchsias can be over wintered in a frost free place out of direct sunlight, reduce the watering and top up with fresh compost and a slow release feed in the spring.

We hope you have found this information on Fuchsia helpful. If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information, call on 020 8421 5977.

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