Garden Aggregates

Decorative aggregates for your garden

We sell a variety of decorative garden aggregates which is is suitable for paths, patios, driveways and gardens. We provide a wide selection of colours and textures to complement any garden or landscaped environment.


Pot Toppers Handy Packs

A combination of flat, angular and light reflective stones. Ideal for small projects or topping up pots and containers.

Handy bags 5kg  £4.99 each.

White sparkle  - 8- 12mm white dolomite spar.

Natural slate  - 15-35mm coloured slate chippings.

Autumn gold   - 8-12mm golden stone.

Washed pebbles - 15-22mm multi coloured stone.

Pot toppers are a great way to add interest, texture and colour to potted plants, containers and topping up in the garden.

1kg tubs £2.99 each

French grey - 15-35mm grey granite.

Coral reef -  15-20mm dark peach

Luna rocks - 15-20mm grey lava type stone.


Slate  20 and 40mm  Blue, Plum, Black and charcoal.

Chippings   Twilight grey, York grey, Classic pink, Cotswold and Honey stone.

Handy carry bags  £4.99 25kg approx

Bulk bags  £145.00    850kg approx


Handy carry bag  10mm  £3.00   25kg approx
Bulk bag  10mm   £49.00     850 KG approx


Handy carry bag   20mm   £3.00   25kg approx
Bulk bags     20mm   £49.00   850kg


Sharp sand   £3.00   25kg
Bulk bag     £49.00   850kg approx
soft/ building sand £3.00   25kg
Bulk bag     £49.00     850kg approx


Swiss glacier   25kg bag  £8.50
Classic white   25kg bag   £8.50
Italian rose    25kg  bag   £8.50
Bulk bags       850kg     £295.00


Caledonian  pebbles 25kg  bag   £7.90
North sea cobbles   25kg  bag   £7.90
River washed pebbles 25kg bag   £7.90
Bulk bags   850kg approx         £275.00

Pearl white cobbles   25kg bag    £11.90
Coral white  pebbles  25kg bag    £11.90
Bulk bags    850kg    £399.00.


Flat, reflective stone: dark, dramatic and contemporary. Perfect for paths, around plants and the top of pots. There are various decorative aggregates. colours are Blue, plum, grey, green and more on request.

Slates Blue 40mm
Green slate, garden stones
Plum Slate, garden stones

Decorative chippings

We stock a range of chippings , Angular stones for a textural low maintenance surface. Perfect for paths, driveways, around paving and architectural plants.

CHIPPINGS.  All £4.99

Cotswold stone

14-26mm Cream coloured limestone.

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm Depth

Honey stone

8-15mm Honey stone.

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm Depth

Classic pink

12-16mm Sharp pinkish stone

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm.

Twilight Grey

18-20mm Light Grey Limestone 

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm.

Chippings Twilight Grey
ChippingsCotswold Stone
Chippings Honey Stone


Angular stones for a textural low maintenance surface.

Perfect for paths, driveways around paving and architectural plants.

Italian rose

16-32mm White gravel with Rose tones. 

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm Depth

Classic White

8-12mm White dolomite spar

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm Depth

Swiss Glacier

16-32mm cool Grey and icy White Gravel.

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm Depth.

French Pearl

16-20mm White sparkly gravel

Covers approx. 0.4m2 x. 35mm Depth

Nordic Frost

10-20mm Dolomitic and Quartz Silver and White blend.

Covers approx 0.4m2 x 35mm Depth.

french pearl clippings
nordic frost clippings


Water worn stones for a coastal or river effect. Perfect for paths, around decking, in water gardens and aromatic plants.

Caledonian pebbles.  £7.90

14-20mm High quality Scottish pebbles. Fish friendly.

Cover approx 0.4m2 x 35mm Depth

Coral white pebbles.  £11.90

20-40mm White round and oval pebbles.

Cover approx 0.3m2 x 35mm Depth.


Cornish Silver cobbles.  £11.90

40-100mm Silver/Grey round and oval cobbles

Covers approx 0.35m2

We hope you have found this information on garden aggregates useful. If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information call us on 020 8421 5977.

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