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Citrus And Cactus FeedsCitrus And Cactus Feeds

Westland. Bonsai, Citrus And Cactus Feeds

Bonsai Food

Westland Bonsai feed provides the right balance of nutrients these special plants need to maintain healt. Promotes good root growth and green foliage, but without encouraging soft, soppy growth. Apply the diluted feed around the base of the plants, avoiding the foliage. 

Feed young actively growing growing plants every 14-28 days.

Established plants when actively growing can be feed every 7-14 days.

250ml.  £3.99

Citrus Plant Food

Westland citrus plant food contains special nutrients to maintain rich, glossy foliage and encourage fruit setting and development. Apply the feed around the base of the plants avoiding wetting the foliage.

Feed young actively growing plants every 14 days.

Fruiting and established plants when actively growing every 7 days.

250ml.  £3.99

Cactus Plant Food

Westlands Cactus plant food is specially designed to grow healthy plants and encourage flowering. A small amount of nitrogen keeps stems and leaves healthy and green, phosphorus strengthens roots and potassium encourages flowering. Apply diluted around the base of the plants avoiding wetting the foliage.

Feed young plants during the summer months every 14-28 days.

Flowering and established plants during the summer months every 7-14 days.

250ml.  £3.99

orchid careOrchid Care

Orchid Care

Seramis Orchid Food

The perfect plant food for your Orchids. This balanced nutrient formula is enriched with the essential food and trace elements that Orchids need to thrive. It helps Orchids grow healthy and strong with a rich green leaf colour and boosts flower growth.

200ml. £4.50

Orchid Water

This ready to use plant food is a blend of purified water and essential nutrients that Orchids need to thrive. It helps Orchids to grow healthy and strong with a rich green leaf colour and longer lasting flowers. Simply pour 2 capfuls a week in the top of the Orchid plant pot.

720ml   £4.99

Orchid Mist

This revitalising purified water mist spray creates the ideal humid climate for healthy leaf growth.

The combined gentle cleaning action and extra rich nutrients keeps Orchids flowering for longer. And keeps leaves moist clean and healthy, with a natural shine. Spray onto leaves and aerial roots 1-2 times a week. Apply thinly and evenly until leaves and roots are visibly wet.

250ml.  £4.99

Baby Bio Range

Baby Bio Range


Baby Bio Ready To Use

 Baby bio ready to use is the easiest way to keep all your house plants healthy and strong, with greener leaves and vibrant colours. Just pour it on. For best results feed every 2weeks when plants are actively growing. Keep the product of leaves. 

2lt.  £8.65

Baby Bio Houseplant Food

 Baby bio house plant food provides greener leaves and vibrant colours to all house plants. Just mix with water and pour onto the plants. For use in the house or conservatory. Suitable for all house plants.

175ml.   £4.99

Baby Bio For Herbs

Baby bio for herbs has a perfect balance of nutrients which encourage strong healthy growth and promotes good taste and aroma for all home grown herbs. A simple way to produce tasty and aromatic herbs.

175ml. £3.99

Baby Bio Slow Release Houseplant Spikes And Tablets

Baby bio plant food spikes and tablets are a slow release, balanced feed to promote healthy growth of house plants. In convenient tablets or spike that you simply just stick into the soil for lush foliage and abundant blooms.

25 spikes. £4.50

50 tablets.  £3.99

Rose Food

Roses need the very best to flourish, this product contains key nutrients roses need to produce a fantastic show of beautiful blooms. Roses love horse manure and this is a simple, mess free way to reap the benefits by using Westlands rose food.

High in potassium which encourages bigger more beautiful blooms. Trace elements and the right balance of key nutrients keeps roses healthy and strong, contains both fast acting and naturally slow release nutrients which enrich and improve the soil. Westland rose food is great for use all around the garden. It is particularly suitable for garden shrubs or fruit trees and bushes as it contains lots of the nutrients these plants will need to perform at their best.

For use on established rose :- use 1-2 handfuls per rose bush, scattering the pellets evenly over the soil around the base of the plant. Work the pellets into the soil and water if dry to encourage the feed to start working.

New roses :-  incorporate the pellets into the planting soil this will ensure they establish fully and quickly develop into healthy, bountiful plants. Mix 1-2 handfuls into the soil at the bottom of the planting hole.

3kg. £7.99

Seaweed Enhanced Plant GrowthSeaweed Enhanced Plant Growth

Seaweed Enhanced Plant Growth Stimulant

Sustainably sourced from the Irish coast, Westland seaweed stimulant has been enhanced with organic Plant food to create a plant growth stimulant that not only conditions the soil but also provides a nutrient rich feed.

Seaweed contains many beneficial trace elements, natural hormones and proteins for boosting plant and soil health. This enhanced seaweed is enriched with organic plant food to boost nutrient levels and stimulate better all-round plant growth. The high phosphorus content ensures that plant roots are vigorous and healthy and can take full advantage of all the benefits that seaweed provides.

Can used for flowers, trees, fruit, vegetables and on the lawn. Apply every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season from February to the end of October, for composting applies whenever you add new material to the heap.

2.5kg   £6.99

Organic Chicken Manure Pellets

Westland organic chicken manure pellets are an ideal way to enrich and condition your soil. Use all round the garden when planting and feeding established plants. Made from 100% composted manure and it's processed to retain its natural benefits. With a natural slow release keeping your plants flourishing for longer, rich in organic matter and nutrients that your plants and vegetables need. Apply in early spring as a base fertiliser to prepare beds for planting then reapply after 3-4 weeks for stronger plants and better yields especially with fast growing crops then use again in the autumn when preparing winter beds.

2.25kg.  £6.99  | 10kg  bucket.  £13.50

Sulphate Of Iron

Sulphate Of Iron

Sulphate of iron is ideal for ericaceous and acid loving plants, plus has immediately available iron for the best plant growth. Sulphate of iron makes soil more acidic, enabling special acid loving plants to take up the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

For these special plants if the soil becomes too alkaline they will suffer severe deficiencies when essential nutrients such as iron become unavailable. Sulphate of iron enriches and unlocks these nutrients from the soil. Works best for Rhododendron, Camellias, Azaleas and Hydrangeas.

1.5kg.  £5.99

Organic Vegetable Feed

Westland Organic Potato And Vegetable Feed

Westlands organic potato and vegetable feed is an easy to use granule to give your vegetables the best possible start.  It can be applied direct from the box, it is suitable for potatoes and all root vegetables, it will encourage strong healthy roots and leaf growth, puts nutrients back into the ground with effective soil improvement and has a slow release or nutrients to produce healthy and tasty yields.

Apply early in the season as a base fertiliser when prepping your vegetable beds for planting; apply an additional feed 3-4 weeks after planting to ensure a top quality and healthy yield.

1.5kg.  £3.99

Garden Lime

Garden lime is a rock powder used to raise the pH level of soils high in acidity. It ensures stronger roots and healthier fruit and leaves and can be used on established lawns to help prevent moss. 

During soil preparation/ planting time : sprinkle evenly over the soil and mix in well, during dry weather, water well after sowing seeds and planting out.

During the growing season: sprinkle over the soil around established plants. Gently work it into the soil surface with a hand fork or hoe without disturbing the plant roots and water thoroughly.

Lime should not be used on ericaceous or lime-hating plants or at the same time as a fertiliser, leave 3 weeks before applying fertiliser.  Use garden lime soil preparer whenever necessary to reduce the acidity of your soil to make it more alkaline. It can be used at any time of the year, but Autumn or winter applications give the best results.

Westlands Garden Lime.  4kg.    £6.99
Miracle-Gro Lime.             3.5kg   £7.99

Epson Salts

A ready to use granule with high magnesium content vital for strong and healthy plant growth and development. It also cures yellow leaves. Can be applied with a watering can for fast results.
Use as a granular feed or dissolve in water and apply to foliage. Suitable for feeding a variety of vegetables such as Tomatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower and cabbage, plus trees, shrubs and flowers.

Epsom salts has very high magnesium content. This nutrient is vital to the healthy growth and development of all plants. Epsom salts provides a solution to leaf yellowing caused by the lack of magnesium, especially in vulnerable plants such as Tomatoes. Apply every 4-6 weeks during the growing season from March to the end of August, the granules should be worked into the soil or dissolved in water. During dry weather water thoroughly before and after granules are applied.

1.5kg.  £6.95

Superphosphate Fruit & Vegetable Ripener

Superphosphate fruit and vegetable ripener is a ready to use granular feed, ideal for vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees.  Contains sulphur and calcium for better healthier and stronger crops.

Superphosphate has a very high phosphorus content, this makes it ideal for encouraging strong root development. It also helps to move sugars and proteins around the plant so that fruits and vegetables ripen properly giving you abundant tastier crops. Apply every 4-6 weeks during the growing season from March to the end of August. For best results superphosphate should be worked into the soil. During dry weather water before and after application.

1.5kg.  £5.99

Vitax Clematis Fertiliser

Vitax clematis feed is a balanced feed with an organic base which promotes the growth and flowering of clematis and other climbing plants such as honey suckle, Passion flowers and ivy.
The fertiliser is rich in natural nutrients, including potassium, to encourage vigorous growth and prolific flowering.

Clematis should be planted in humus rich soil in a shady spot where their roots are protected from the sun. To help prevent clam artist wilt, clematis should always be transplanted 6 inches deeper than the level in the starter pot. Apply the fertiliser in March and repeat applications every 3 months during the growing season. Sprinkle the pellets evenly around the base of the plant, work into the soil and water thoroughly.

0.9kg. £5.50

Fish, Blood & Bone

Fish, blood and bone is a good natural source of all three of the major nutrients. Nutrients are taken up efficiently due to longer periods of release in the soil. Being especially high in phosphorus makes it particularly good for stimulating strong, healthy root growth. Helps build soil fertility, encouraging strong and healthy rooting. An easy to use organic based feed ideal for stronger, healthier flowers, fruit and vegetables. 

Apply every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season from February to the end of October.for best results work the granules into the soil. During dry weather water well before and after application.

1.5kg.  £4.99
4kg.    £6.99


Growmore provides the 3 major plant nutrients in equal proportions, making it a superb general-purpose feed for use all around the garden. It's balance of nutrients ensures even stimulation of growth in all plant parts, meaning lots of fruit and flowers, abundant foliage and a strong root system. Ideal as a base & top dressing, rich in essential nutrients and builds soil fertility.

Apply every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season from February to the end of October, use a top dressing sprinkled on the soil surface or as a base dressing worked into the soil with a spade or hoe. During dry weather water before and after application. Ideal for flowers, fruit, trees, shrubs and vegetables.

1.5kg.  £3.99
4kg.     £6.99


Bonemean is a naturally sourced feed where nutrients are taken up efficiently due to longer periods of release in the soil.
Bonemeal has very high phosphorous content plus a smaller amount of nitrogen. This balance is ideal for encouraging strong root growth. The organic nutrients in the fertiliser are gently released into the soil over an extended period of time. Apply every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the growing season from February to the end of October. For best results the granules should be worked into the soil. During dry weather, water before and after application. Can be used for Trees, shrubs, hedges and root vegetables.

1.5kg.  £4.50
4kg.     £ 6.99

Rootgrow Rootfood

Rootgrow Rootfood  contains a natural blend of humates comprising natural humid acids, filmic acids and essential trace elements which act to release these nutrients to your plants. These humates have been produced from organic matter and can enhance your soils performance naturally.

A small quantity of Rootgrow Rootfood can activate your soils to release its nutrient reserves and offer essential natural trace elements to your plants, this can be used with Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi range, to create a sustainable bio active soil environment that will feed and support your plants for their entire life time.

900g. £9.99

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food

This all purpose soluble feed is suitable for use on all garden plants including edible crops, fruit trees, lawns and young plants, seedlings and house plants.

Phostrogen promotes healthy green foliage, phosphate develops a strong healthy root system, potash develops abundant flowers and fruit, and helps them to become more drought resistant.
For general garden flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns and fruit and vegetables feed every 7-14 days

Containers, young plants and seedlings. Feed at every watering.
Tomatoes. Feed every 7 days after first flowers have set.
House plants feed at every watering.

2kg.   £10.50
800g  £5.99

Patio Plant Food

An all purpose plant food for planters, pots, tubs and hanging baskets, it gives your patio plants the extra boost of nutrients needed for healthy foliage, flowers, fruits and vegetables.
Patio containers, pots, and hanging baskets feed every 7-14 days.
Tomatoes, chilliest and other potted vegetables feed every 7 days after first flowers have set. Conservatory and indoor pots feed at every watering.

800g.  £5.50

Osmocote Plant Food Tablets

One application for the entire growing season.
Osmocote controlled release plant food tablets have a controlled release action that feeds plants for up to 6 months. Clean and easy to use tablets that you can just push into the compost.

As the soil warms OSMOCOTE releases the plant food exactly when your plants need it. Can be used in tubs, hanging basket, contains extra magnesium and trace elements so your plants never run short of vital elements for healthy growth. Use from February to June.

115g. 25 tablets. £4.94

Flower and Fruit Soluble Feed

For stronger plants and brighter flowers.  This high potash feed helps ripen tomatoes, onions and other vegetables.  Use as a weekly feed for hanging baskets, tubs and bedding plants or as a regular feed in place of normal watering.
500g.  £5.50

Gro-Sure All Purpose Feed

A feed with fast acting nutrients giving your plants a great start, it's slow release nutrients will feed your plants for upto six months.
Can be pre-mixed with compost before planting or sprinkled over the surface of compost or soil. Use in tubs, baskets, pots, window boxes, grow bags, beds and borders, shrubs, roses and fruit trees.

1.1 kg &. 2 kg. £6.50

Big Tom

Big Tom super tomato food is enriched with the essential nutrients for a tastier and bigger yield of tomatoes. The essential nutrients that stay in the soil are easily absorbed for increased yields and tastier tomatoes.

Containing a naturally occurring root stimulant and micro nutrients for best results. Gives bigger yields, easy absorbed nutrients, added micro nutrients, extra iron and magnesium, water management element for healthier plants, can be used for feeding flowering plants all around the garden, added wetting agent to increase nutrient uptake, extra magnesium and iron to support your plants health.


Tomorite is a liquid feed for tomato plants which encourages high yields of top quality full-flavoured tomatoes. It is also ideal for other special food crops such as sweet peppers and aubergines.

Gro Sure  All Purpose Plant Food

Gro sure all purpose plant feed is a great all round feed for plants, vegetables and flowers in gardens and inside the home. It is packed with nutrients for healthy flowers and fruits, it's seaweed enriched for extra micro nutrients. Can be used for all plants, pots, containers, hanging baskets, beds and borders or even on the lawn.

2L. Makes 100 feeds.  £7.00
1L. Makes 50 feeds.    £4.99

Gro Sure Ericaceous Plant Food

Gro sure ericaceous plant food is perfect for acid loving plants such as Rhododendron, Azalea, and camellia. Packed with essential nutrients to encourage healthier flower, leaf and root growth. Extra iron for richer green leaves, and micro nutrients make this perfect for feeding ericaceous plants any where in the garden

1.5L 50% extra free. Makes 75 feeds.   £5.99
1L.   Makes 50 feeds.  £5.99

Liquid Seaweed

Seaweed feed contains a range of trace elements and plant growth hormones. This organic plant growth stimulant encourages root growth and establishment. Increases yield of flowers, vegetables and fruits. It also helps strengthen plants against disease and environmental stresses.

Apply every 10-14 days throughout the growing season. Once plants are actively growing mix with GRO sure all purpose plant food to further boost plant growth.

1L.   £6.50

Buxus Feed

Westland BUXUS feed maintains plant health by helping to improve tolerance against pests and diseases. Combined with a moisture control booster, a natural stimulant for root growth and trace elements, this BUXUS feed restores and protects plant health, develops roots and keeps leaves healthy and green for longer.

Apply every two weeks throughout the growing season April to September avoiding and freezing conditions.

1L.  £7.50

Hydrangea Feed

Westlands hydrangea feed is enriched with essential nutrients to promote a boost in flowering.  It helps maintain plant health by building tolerance to pests and diseases. With a moisture control booster and a bio stimulant for stress tolerance, it keeps Hydrangeas healthy and promotes vigorous flowering. 

Apply monthly throughout the growing season April to August, feeding after August can result in excess tender leafy growth that will be at risk from frost damage, avoid using in freezing conditions.

1L.   £5.99

Maxicrop Seaweed Extract

Concentrated MAXICROP original seaweed extract will help you to grow stronger healthy plants, flowers and vegetables. Regular use will improve resistance to environmental stress.

Simple safe and economical, use early as a root drench or foliar spray and later, with fertilisers to help ensure maximum nutrient uptake. Use this natural bio-stimulant on flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and trees and you will see the results. This seaweed extract is approved for organic growing.

500ml.  £5.99

GRO-Sure All Purpose Soluble Plant Food

All purpose soluble plant food is fast acting for more healthy, beautiful plants.

It is packed with essential nutrients for flower, leaf and root growth, making ideal for feeding plants, fruits, vegetables and even the lawn, for plants in beds, borders, pots, containers, hanging baskets and indoor plants.
Avoid applying in direct sunlight or when the roots are dry as this may scorch the plants.

800g.   £5.99

Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food Tablets

GRO-SURE-sure slow release plant food is specially formulated to grow great plants. These tablets are ideal for pots, containers and hanging baskets and keep feeding for upto 6 months. Contains added trace elements for healthy leaves and roots.
140g pack. 20 tablets.  £4.99

We hope you have found this information on garden feeds useful. If you need further assistance please contact us or  call us on 020 8421 5977.

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