Garden Tools

Bypass Loppers And Secateurs.



The blades pass each other, giving a scissor cutting action.

Best used for close, clean cuts on live branches. 

Not used for dead, dry branches, which can jam between the blades, causing them to bend.

Use BYPASS LOPPERS to trim back overgrown shrubs and trees that are healthy.

The long handles give more leverage to cut bigger stems, upto 1 1/2 inches thick with less effort.

Use BYPASS PRUNERS on living stems 1/2 inch or less in diameter. 

The cut must be clean to maintain the plants health, so keep the blade sharp and clean.


The blades chop against a metal plate, like a knife on a chopping board.

Best used for chopping dead shoots and branches.

Not used for live branches, Anvil will crush soft stems.

ANVIL LOPPERS Can chop dead branches upto 2 inches thick, or just trimming live ones before making the final cut with bypass loppers.

ANVIL PRUNERS snip away dead branches upto 1/2 inch thick. 

The wide Anvil prevents close cuts, the jaws wont jam with wood shards like Bypass pruners can.


Darlac classic shears

Super light weight, weighing approx 1kilo.

Carbon steel blades for a cleaner cut.

Soft grip ergonomic handles.

Easy to use tension adjuster.

Easy locking catch.

These lightweight shears can be used for longer periods without causing arm ache or fatigue.

Use for grass cutting,  hedge trimming,  Topiary,  dead heading and many other garden tasks.

Shears Tri Blade

Darlac tri-blade shears

Light weight twin cut shears.

The central blade provides a static guide for greater stability and accuracy.

The blades are a high carbon steel,  heat treated and hardened for prolonged sharpness.

 Lightweight tri-blade shears weighing 887 grams.

Fibreglass handles giving maximum strength. 

Shock absorbing buffers, lessening the jarring effect.

The outer blades cut either side of the central blade in a twin cut action, the central blade remains still at all times, creating a directional and stabilizing guide.

Ladies Shears

Darlac  Lightweight ladies shears

Weighing just over 1/2 kilo.

Perfect for Topiary and all precision clipping.

Wavy edge to trap growth.

Strong and light weight allows for prolonged use for even the lesser abled gardeners.

Polished carbon steel blades are excellent for trapping growth to give great cutting efficiency.

The small size of these shears are perfect for shaping small and large hedges.

Darlac Clip And Cut Shears

A great all rounder shear.

Lightweight at just over 1/2 a kilo, allowing you to trim for longer periods without fatigue.

This shear encorporates a small lopper on the side for cutting away any larger twigs in the hedge that are to big for the shear blades.


Darlac Drop Forge Shears

High carbon steel blades.

Keep a great edge and are easily re-sharpened when necessary.

The wavy edge blades help trap growth and stop it from sliding out of the blades as they close.

Solid oak handles are waisted for comfort and control.

Shock absorbing buffer reduces jarring when the blades are brought together sharply.

Hand Tools Draper

Carbon steel hardened and tempered with plated fertile, leather wrist strap and plastic handles. Handle lengths 125mm.

Hand held weeder £4.99
3 prong hand cultivator £4.99

Hand Tools - Kent and Stowe Range

Tradionally styled, high quality Kent and Stowe hand tools are made from stainless and carbon steel, with a beautiful ash wood handle for comfort when in use.

Hand forks     Small  £8.99   Big     £9.99    

These tools are great for everyday garden tasks such as weeding, planting and cultivating in borders and raised beds. Featuring a cranked shaft to protect nuckles during work.

Border shrub rake     £11.99

Used for collecting weeds and debris in raised flower beds and hard to reach areas of borders and in between shrubs.

Hand trowel  Small £8.99  Big    £9.99

These tools are great for everyday garden tasks such as weeding, planting and cultivating in borders and raised beds. Featuring a cranked shaft to protect nuckles during work.

Weeding knife    £4.99

Use on patio and paving gaps for the removal of moss and weeds.

Border hand and fork  trowels  £14.99 each

Perfectly sized midi handles to give extra reach where you need it.

Ideal for weeding, planting and cultivating in raised beds and borders

Potting scoop    £9.99

A deep scoop for the retrieval of compost.

3 Prong cultivator   £8.99

Use this for breaking up dry soil so water and air can get deeper into the ground.

Daisy grubber  £4.99

For the removal of stray daisies and weeds from the lawn, or soil areas.

Garden Forks
Border Shrub Rake
Hand Trowel
Weeding Knife
Hand Fork Trowels
Potting Scoop
3 Prong Cultivator
Daisy Grubber

Garden Tools The Bamboo Range Darlac

These beautifully finished tools go through many processes to create a product that not only pleases but encompasses great strength and durability too. The stainless steel heads are hand welded and treated to assume the appearance of old steel

whilst keeping the rust resistant qualities of traditional looking stainless. Soil adhesion is greatly reduced nonetheless they maintain the rustic beauty of tools from bygone days.

Weeding knife   £4.99

Rockery fork    £4.99 

Weeding and seeding trowel    £4.99 

Cape cod weeder    £4.99   

5 in 1 trowel    £4.99 

Hand fork       £4.99   

Kent and Stowe Long Handle Tools

DUTCH HOE    £24.99

Use in all soil areas, for weeding in a push-pull motion, between plants and seedlings.

3 EDGE HOE    £24.99

Use the pointed blade to sever weeds from their roots in beds and borders.


For use on paving, patios and light spaces for removing moss and weeds.

DRAW HOE   £24.99

Use for pulling soil or earring up potatoes in all soil areas.

TROWEL    £22.99

Use in beds and borders for cultivating, planting and transplanting.

FORK  £22.99

Use in beds and borders for cultivating, planting and transplanting.


Use between lawns and borders for precision edging and creating neat areas around the lawn and borders.

DIGGING FORK    £27.99

Ideal for use in large so areas, for cultivating, soil turning, aerating and breaking soil up.


An essential tool for digging up and breaking soil in large areas, digging and improving drainage as well as edging garden beds.

Edging Iron
Digging Fork
Digging Spade

We hope you have found this information on garden tools useful. If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information call us on 020 8421 5977.

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