Acers are deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs. They are grown for their remarkable foliage, which often colours brilliantly in the autumn and some for their ornamental bark or stems.

ACER Palmatum BI-HOO

acer-palmatum-BI HOOAcer Palmatum BI-HOO

This beautiful acer will give you year round interest. It is fully hardy and slow growing.

The leaves start salmon colour in the spring, turning yellow-green in the summer and then a rich yellow-orange in the autumn.

After the leaves have dropped its stems are golden yellow, which makes the shrub stand out in the winter.

Plant in partial sahde in fertile, moist well drained neutral to acid soil.

Pruning is not required, just the removal of dead, damaged or crossing branches in late autumn or winter when the plant is fully dormant. 

ACER  Palmatum Fire Cracker

acer-palmatum-fire-cracker-1Acer Palmatum Fire Cracker

A slow growing deciduous variety which can be grown as a small shrub or tree.

A spectacular plant with feathery, deep purple leaves turning bright orange to red in the autumn.

Plant in partial shade for best leaf colour, full sun can be tolerated.

Plant in acid to neutral soil, must be well drained, watering in the summer if necessary.

Can reach 4m in height and spread.

ACER Palmatum Beni Maiko

acer-palmatum-beni-maikoAcer Palmatum Beni Maiko

A compact, deciduous, bushy shrub.

The leaves start red in spring, becoming pinkish and then green-red in the summer.

The leaves turn yellow, orange and red before they drop, leaving brown-red stems.

Plant in partial shade for best leaf colour, in and acid to neutral well drained but moist soilWater in the summer if necessary.

Can reach 1.5m in height and spread.

ACER Palmatum Seiryu

acer-palmatum-seiryuAcer Palmatum Seiryu

A medium sized deciduous shrub, more of an upright tree, shrub.

The leaves are light green and deeply incised, turning orange, yellow and red throughout the year.

For best leaf colour plant in partial shade but will tolerate full sun, 

Plant in acid to neutral, well drained but moist soil, 

keep watered in the summer months if necessary.

Can reach 4m in height and spread.

ACER Palmatum Atropurpureum

Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum

A small hardy deciduous woody tree of a bushy habit.

Its slow growing, The purple leaves are divided in to 7 lobes.

The leaves become red in the autumn. 

Small red-purple  flowers appear  in spring and sometimes followed by purple fruits.

Plant in partial shade or full sun in acid well drained, moist soil.

Water in the summer if necessary.

Can reach 8m high and 10m spread.

Fagus Sylvatica

Fagus are large deciduous trees.The bark is grey and the leaves are ovate. They colour well in the autumn.The flowers are unnoticable and are followed by spiny fruits.

Atropunicea Sylvatica


A large vigorous deciduous tree with a spreading habit.

The broad elliptic leaves are green-yellow in the spring and dark brown, red-orange in the autumn.

It has small green flowers appearing in the spring, followed by hairy fruits.

Likes a full sun or partial shade position in  moist, well drained soil. Can reach over 12m tall and over 8m spread.


A large deciduous tree with a bushy habit.

The leaves are deep purple which become red in the autumn. Small inconspicuous purple flowers in the spring.

Plant in full sun, partial shade in moist well drained soil. Can reach over 12m tall and 8m spread.

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