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Welcome to the gardeners questions, answers and tips section of the website. This part of the website is dedicated to helping you with any garden related problem to either do with garden plants, shrubs, soil, turf, compost etc.

This is the place to ask your question and even include a picture if it helps you to describe the problem you are having clearer. We do ask that you include as much detail as possible rather than just a 1 sentence question like, “when is the best time to water my plants”.

Once we get your question we will publish it, and then you will receive a response to your question via the website. We do this so that other people can benefit from your questions and our response.

Looking forward to helping you the best we can with any garden related problems. Please begin by writing the title of your question below.

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I want to plan a family garden 
I want to plan a garden celebrating my family, and need suggestions for plants containing their names. Mum; Dolly Sister; Catherine Brother; Thomas …

Potted Bourganvilia Question 
I bring my potted bougainvillea into the conservatory about the beginning of October. Then take it outside end of April, beginning of May. This year it …

Overwintering Geraniums 
i have a few geraniums i wish to overwinter after removing from the garden. i fancy potting up and keeping indoors. what would be the best compost and …

Lawn Food On My Lawn Seems To Have Killed It 
i put lawn food on my lawn seems to have loads of dead patches don't know what to do now?

Terrible Weeds Facing Sea 
We are in Broadstairs, North Foreland, facing the sea, on a thin chalk soil. The weed spreads everywhere and seems impossible to eradicate by digging. …

I have a natural hedge between garden and field which has grown well but is very thin in foliage at the base. What can I plant in between to fill this …

Why Is My Agapanthus Producing Very Few Flowers This Year? 
My agapanthus usually flowers really well bgut this year has produced very few flower heads. I have a bed with a number of plants clustered together and …

Tree Bark 
Is it good in sheltered positions, or does it prevent moisture from getting into the ground? I have some Junipers shaded by a big Laurel, and they are …

Weed infested garden - identification needed please 
Hi I have attached a couple of photograps which explain all..if any one can identify this plant and how to get rid of it, it would be very much appreciated …

Perennials - What Is the best for my boarders 
I have a newly made boarder approx 1m wide and 20m long in a suuny - part shade position in the summer. I wish to plant a variety of colourful plants …

How to Prevent Weeds Without Harming My Old Cat or Other Animals 
In late December 2012, I decided to mulch my flower beds - as the mulch looked thin or non-existent - after I raked up my leaves - when I had time. …

Boggy Garden 
I have a part of my garden which holds a lot of water even in the summer. It is slightly shaded and i would like to know what plants and or shrubs i can …

How To Start A Compost Heap 
i want to have a compost heap and wondered can you tell me how to start one off. i have a corner of my garden fenced off to put the heap.

I Want To Grow Potatoes 
i am wanting to grow potatoes next year and i dont know anything about it at all. can you tell me what i need and how to do it. i have potato bag and a …

Moss Problems on Large Lawn 
I have a large lawn about 1,000 sq m, in farming territory, because of all the rain this year, it is mainly covered with a dense carpet of moss. There …

How When and Why To Lime 
I've just dug an old lawn up for a veg plot, I will put potatoes in one area. Do I put manure on and lime or just one of the two?

Shrub That Will Bloom All Year Round 
My cat died 13/12/12 and he always spent most of his time in the garden come rain or shine. We buried him in the garden and I would like a plant that blooms …

Name this Garden Shrub? 
Can you help me identify this shrub please.I've tried to research online and using different gardening books, but still do know the answear. Can someone …

How Much Turf Is Needed 
I wonder if someone can help me.How do i find out how much turf i need and how much soil is needed to cover the ground. Any advice or help will be appreciated. …

Pruning Roses - How to Do It? 
I have quite a few roses in my garden, and have never really taken much care of them but feel i should do and need some advice on how to look after them. …

Mushrooms On My Lawn 
I have a circle of mushrooms or toadstalls growing on my lawn. how do i get rid of them, and as i have dogs and a rabbit i need to be careful of using …

How To Get Rid of Garden Shrubs in Garden Lawn 
Hello there, I hope you can help me, I have some kind of garden shrubs or weeds growing amongst my lawn and I don't know how to get rid of it.It spoils …

Persistent Weed That Grows Very Near to the Front Door  
Hello there, I have a problem with a persistent weed that grows very near to the front door of my house, I have cut it down and tried to pull it up …

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