Geranium Plants - Bedding or House Plants

geranium plants

Geranium plants typically look ideal if planted in a bed on their own or even combined with other annual plants. These plants are also the best option as edges for any flower garden.

Geraniums are considered as versatile plants that are ideal for areas in your garden that might need an added splash of colour all throughout the season. Throughout the years, these plants are commonly grown in pots, hanging baskets and even in window boxes. They even thrive well if planted with other annual plants such as petunias, lobelia and verbena.

If you are planning to add geraniums to your garden, there are certain tips that you should be familiar with. You have to take note that geraniums prefer to bask under the warm weather. When growing these plants, you definitely need sunlight.  Geraniums must be provided with a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight every day.

Of course, majority of geranium varieties thrive well under partial shade, but they will not bloom productively. For the soil, geraniums love rich soil that drains well. You can add compost to the soil for an added boost. Always remember that these plants are heavy feeders, thus you have to provide fertiliser every two weeks or once a month. It is best to use a balanced, water soluble fertiliser or a time-release fertiliser. Applying fertiliser on a regular basis is essential for these plants.

When watering, take note that geraniums must be watered thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry in between the watering sessions. Make sure that the plants will be watered regularly if it will not rain. Geraniums that are planted in containers or pots must be checked daily, especially if the weather is hot.

If this is the case, it is best to use a water meter. For the grooming aspect, you have to take note that the leaves can turn brown and die for several reasons. The main reason is due to the sensitivity of the plant to fungus from excessive humidity and moisture. Always keep your geraniums at their best by deadheading them as well as removing discoloured or dried leaves.

When over-wintering, your geraniums can grow indoors throughout the winter. You can even take out cuttings or simply keep them in dormant state in a dark and cool basement.

Overall, taking care of geraniums is simple. By taking into consideration the tips provided, your geraniums will surely thrive and provide lovely blossoms for an added touch of colour to your garden.

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