Getting Rid of
Slugs and Snails

It's important to start getting rid of slugs and snails, two of the most devastating creatures that can destroy your garden plants and vegetables. Their taste in plants is varied to say the least. One of the highest plants on their list of favorites is the Hosta.

They are mainly nocturnal and they will leave their trademark of smooth edged irregular holes in the stems and the leaves of plants. A favorite for them are seedlings and it is of almost every variety.

Getting Rid of Slug – Slug Pellets

Vegetables, ripening fruit (strawberries, tomatoes) all are in line for a greedy attack. There are many ways of preventing damage from slugs and snails. The most common is of course the slug pellets. These kill quickly and effectively. They are cost efficient and most of them are harmless to birds and pets and wildlife.

Crushed Eggshells

Another way of getting rid of slugs is to use crushed eggshells and crushed sea shells. Sea shells will enhance the appearance of your garden, pots and containers so will serve a dual purpose. You can of course encourage wild life into your garden. Use dense shrubbery and bird nesting boxes to encourage birds into your garden and they will feed on slugs and insects.

Hedgehogs to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

Using hedgehogs is another effective way of getting rid or slugs who love to feed on slugs. Special homes can be provided for them and they are easy to maintain.

Frogs and Beetles Love Snails.

If you can have a pond in your garden this will keep frogs happy as slugs provide a quarter of their diet. Carabid beetles like to eat slugs and also slug eggs. Encourage the beetle by providing logs and stones to hide in. There are some plants that slugs hate e.g. lavender, mullein, rock rose and lambs ear.

Slug Pellets

When using slug pellets don’t be tempted to put them in heaps round the plant or by scattering them densely. It is more effective if you apply them on a warm, moist evening as this is when they are more likely to appear.

Slug Pub

Scatter them thinly over the soil around the plants about 10 -15cm apart. The slug pub is another way of dealing with slugs. This container which is put into the ground and half filled with beer. Remember to remove the dead slugs regularly. What a way to go!

You can go out in the evening with a torch and a bucket and remove the slugs and dispose of away from your garden and then there is the nematode which are a microscopic parasite.

These are introduced to the soil and they will enter the slug and within a few days the slug swells up which stops it from feeding. It will burrow into the soil and will die in approx 2 weeks. This is an expensive and slow exercise but may be worth the effort.

We hope you have found this information on getting rid of unwanted slugs and snails useful. If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice. Don't forget you can also get pest control products straight to your home. Call us on 020 8421 5977 to find out more about our delivery price and delivery areas or see here for more detail


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