Grape Vine Plants

grape vine plants

Grape vines come in many different varieties. Bunches of grapes can be used for making desserts or wine.

Soil and site

Grape vines are grown outdoors in a sunny site against a fence or wall that is south-south west facing. They prefer a sandy gravel over chalk soil, but will tolerate a range of soils so long as its free draining.

Plant bare root grape vines in winter between November and marc so long as the soil is not water logged or frozen. Tease the roots from the rootball and plant in a hole the same depth as the pot, add some compost and back fill with compost soil mix. Add mulch like well rotted manure or bark to save the lower buds from frost.

Pruning and training

Prune the vines in early winter late November or December, pinch out new shoots in spring and summer. Thinning the fruits and training can be done at this time of year too.

Feeding and watering

Apply growmore or another general fertilizer plus some sulphate of potash on either side at the base of the plant. Feed dessert grapes with a tomato feed every 2 weeks in spring a month after growth starts until the grapes start to ripening. Vines can tolerate drought but can suffer from powdery milder if the roots are to dry, water thoroughly in dry hot spring summer weather conditions.


Grape vines do suffer from grey mould, powdery mildew and birds too are a problem. Grapes can also suffer from nutrient deficiencies more so magnesium deficiencies.

Non chemical solutions

In autumn remove and destroy fallen infected leaves, this will reduce the quantity of infectious spores the following spring. Watering and mulching will help reduce infection.

Chemical solutions for edible use Bayer garen systhane fungus fighter concentrate. For ornamental s only use Bayer garden multi-rose concentrate or scotts fungus clear ultra.ALWAYS READ THE LABEL.

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