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heuchera garden perennials

Heuchera garden perennials are well-known low developing plants that offer remarkable greenery. If you have different flowering plants with blossoms, the heuchera is a lovely addition since it is an evergreen and considered as a must have plant. You have to take note that there are about 300 recognized varieties of heuchera.

The plant is also called as coral bells or alum root. Generally, heuchera can grow up to 18 inches tall and about 18 inches in width. The blossoms typically grow on spikes of gentle bells that have the shades of white, red, pink and purple.

The blossoms usually last for four up to eight weeks during late spring up to early summer. The latest varieties are capable of producing blossoms that are more protuberant. If you are planning to add one in your garden, you can easily find a heuchera in any color that you want.

When planting heuchera, they typically favor the sheltered areas, although they also grow well under full exposure of the sun. They favor soil that is regular up to richly fertile, moist and properly drained.

Take note that heavy soils can be adjusted during the planting time by adding compost or leaf mold. Heucheras are ideal plants for edging a plant bed or utilized as a group that will serve as a center point in any garden. These plants suffer from very few diseases and pests, but you might find powdery mildew at some point but they can be dealt with easily.

Always make sure that you will provide these plants will abundant room so that they will have adequate circulation. Since heucheras are typically shallow-rooted, they might wobble during the winter if there is excessive freezing and thawing. In order to prevent these plants from heaving, it is best to provide them with a three-inch layer of mulch during the late autumn.

These plants prefer damp conditions, thus you have to make sure that they are watered regularly during the hot and dry weather. It is advised to provide the plant with about one inch of water every week. You can even fertilize these plants by using a stable organic fertilizer during early spring. It is best to divide the heucheras every three years or once the stems start to appear woody or the blooming starts to lessen.

Do not forget to mulch the heucheras during the autumn in order to prevent them from heaving, but do not put too much against the crown of the plant or it will simply rot.

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