House Plants

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Peace Lily

A simple, yet elegant house plant, renowned for improving the air quality in your home. Dark green, glossy foliage, with tall stems of white spathe flowers. Peace lily makes a lovely indoor plant.  When the flowers start to fade, cut the stalks at the base of the plant.

Plants that fail to flower usually aren't getting enough sunlight, move it to a brighter location but avoiding direct sun.

Water thoroughly but do not allow the soil to get soggy, this can cause brown leaf tip. Feed monthly in spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted by half. Avoid cold drafts and temperatures below 12°c if possible.

£6.50 each

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus is one of the very few plants that flower naturally in the winter. Bearing masses of delicate white, pink and red blooms at the end of the succulent green stems. Flowering from November to January. 

It prefers a bright to lightly sunny position and being kept warm in the winter.

Place on moist, gravel filled saucer, and repotting each year is recommended, using a cactus compost, this will help encourage healthy growth.

After flowering the Christmas cactus requires a resting period, from late January to late March, reduce the watering to only occasionally, just so the compost does not dry out, and move to a cooler room.

From April to September increase the watering and feed with a house plant liquid feed. During the summer when risk of frost has passed they can be placed outside in a shaded spot, this encourages new growth and flowers, will need protection from slugs.

Needs little or no pruning, but can get leggy and congested, just remove a few of the oldest and most damaged stems. This will leave you with a nicer looking plant.

£4.50 each

Sansevieria Trifasciata

Sansevieria TrifasciataSansevieria Trifasciata


One of the most popular of house plants. The stiff leaves range from six inches to eight feet tall.( depending on the variety). Mother - laws tongue has green leaves with a yellow border.

Sanseviria is easy to grow and almost indestructible, thriving in very bright light or almost dark corners of the home. They do prefer indirect but steady light and can adapt to full sun and quiet dim conditions.

Plant in a loose, well drained potting mix, an all purpose cactus mix is a good choice. Let the soil dry between watering, watering just once a month during the winter, or if the soil is dry to the touch.

Feed with a cactus fertilizer during the growing season, but avoid feeding in the winter. £9.50 each

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The natural healing plant.

Medicinal properties:-  Aloe has a wide range of uses, such as for acne, burns, blisters, wounds, sunburn skin care, and insect bites.

Method of use :- cut off an older leaf with a sharp knife, and squeeze the sticky gel out of the leaf, apply it liberally, as a natural plaster. The rest of the leaf can be wrapped in foil and stored in the fridge for 1 - 2 weeks.

Plant care :- place in semi shade,  no direct sun light. Water twice a week, add fertilizer in the summer, keep cool and dry in the winter.


£6.50 each



Flamingo plant

A beautiful house plant, with brightly coloured spaths.  The spaths are the coloured waxy leaves that flare from the base of the fleshy spike where the actual tiny flowers grow.

As a house plant Anthurium are durable and requires little care. Simply repot with a peat moss  or a coco coir based soil mixture or use two parts orchid mix, one part peat and one part perlite, or equal parts peat, pine bark and perlite.

Anthurium like bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves and flowers. Low light will slow the growth and possibly produce fewer and smaller flowers.

Water thoroughly when the first inch of soil is dry to the touch. Do not over water as this can cause root rot. 

Feed once a month with 1/4 strength liquid fertilizer.  Too much fertilizer can do more harm than good. Use a fertilizer high in phosphorus during the growing season (spring to summer).

£11.50 each

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