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Lawn Care Guide – Basics to Keeping Your Garden Lawn in Tip Top Condition!

lawn care guide

The standard green lawns in are properly maintained and serve as a center point for any garden. The pristine look of the lawns can be attained by applying superior quality turf and providing adequate care and maintenance all year round. In order to achieve the elegant and well groomed look of any lawn, there are certain guidelines you need to follow.


It is recommended to take out leaves and other debris present in the lawn. Provide adequate airing if the conditions will allow and make sure that the mower is overhauled to get the best service from it. Think along the lines of your family car, this requires regular servicing to maintain tip top conditions. Apply the same thinking to your trusted lawn mower.


Continue with the removal of any debris that are present including worm casts if there are any. In case the grass is starting to grow in length and becoming untidy, it is best to trim them down lightly once the grass is dry by utilizing a box mower. This ensures that the garden in the early months of the year, still looks kept and presentable and this is also healthy for the grass.


This is the best time to reduce the mowing height steadily throughout the month until it reaches the required height. Perform light rolling along with a methodical yet mild raking that will help with the spring development. The worm casts must be eliminated and make sure that the edges of the lawn will be trimmed and reshaped.

In case the weather is mild up to the end of the month, you can apply a spring fertilizer at half the recommended rate while the other half can be used in May. Make sure that any weed control is applied separately with a branded liquid lawn weed killer.


The thin or rough patches of grass should be turfed or re seeded, just make sure that the lawn is leveled. Apply the lawn fertilizer according to the instructions if there was no fertilizer applied in March. If needed, this can serve as the “weed and feed” preparation. Avoid using the “weed and feed” or the selective weed killer on the young turf or seeding grass.


Majority of lawns might require mowing every week during this month. Nevertheless, once the grass reaches its full growth rate, it is required to increase the rate in order to achieve the best results. Thatch or dead grass must be raked out early in the month. During the middle of the month, you should apply half of the fertilizer that you used in March. You can even apply weed killer if needed or if you haven’t applied one yet.


During this month, intermittent rolling can provide an advantage and must be done routinely if the mower is equipped with a roller. In case of dry weather, it is best to trim less normally and set the mower blades with a higher setting.

You can allow small quantities of grass cuttings on the grass in order to preserve the dampness if there is minimal rain; just make sure to check for unwanted seeds that might sprout. In case the lawn indicates signs of dryness, it will lose texture, color and springiness.

Make sure to water early in the morning or in the evening with the frequency depending on the type of soil and grass. Do not forget that the weather conditions have an influence on the environment but providing a good soaking every week is adequate.

Excessive watering will encourage the growth of seeds and shallow roots. You can even spike the lawn using a fork to help water go down to the dry and hard soil. You can feed the lawn using a seaweed based tonic that contains iron. On the other hand, if the lawn shows signs of wear, apply a summer lawn fertilizer instead.


During these months, mowing frequently should be adjusted as the growth slows down. There is no need for additional fertilizer, but if needed, apply half a dose of the spring or summer lawn fertilizer. In case of extensive hot or dry weather, it is recommended to increase the level of the cut.


It is best to apply an autumn lawn fertilizer that is combined with an appropriate weed killer if needed. In case the grass is skinny or requires improvement, try to scatter an appropriate seed combination during the early days of the month. In case re seeding is not needed after close mowing, any unevenness in the surface can be corrected by applying a top dressing comprised of sandy topsoil. The dressing must be evenly dragged using the back of a rake and leave it on the depressions.


In case there are activities left that was not performed in September, utilize the early weeks of this month to finish them. In case there are extra areas requiring turf, this is the best time to do it. Increase the cutting height of the mower minimally when mowing and do not forget to apply a seaweed based tonic that contains iron.


During these months, it is best to trim the grass if it is still growing. Take out the leaves that have fallen, worm casts as well as other garden debris on a regular basis. It is not too late for seeding but if you plan on applying turf, it will still be successful.

We hope you have found this information on lawn care guide useful. If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information. Don't forget you can also get garden plants, shrubs, soil, compost and more delivered straight to your home. Call us on 020 8421 5977 to find out more about our delivery price and delivery areas or see here for more detail

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