How To Make Strawberry Hanging Baskets

Tomato and Upside down hanging baskets

Using a 12"  wicker hanging basket half fill with a multi purpose compost and then place your plants out evenly . You can plant 3 -  4 in a basket this size. Back fill with compost then water well and leave the basket in a light shady place to settle. Feed once a week (you can use tomato feed). Water the soil frequently but don't spray water over the fruit.

Using a wire basket. Line a 14" basket and cut 4 slots evenly round the sides of the liner. Part fill with compost and water retaining gel, then gently feed the plants through the slots then cover with more compost and alternate 4 plants on the top of the basket and gently bed in.

Again water well and leave to settle. To keep  birds off the plants  make a cage from wire and netting.Strawberries can be planted with lettuce, broad beans,  onions, and spinach and with the herb borage.

Making Tomato Hanging Baskets

The best tomatoes to use in hanging baskets are 'Tumbling Tom Red', little gem, cherry tomatoes.Using a 12" wicker basket half fill with multi purpose compost and water retaining gel.  Three tomatoes should be  enough to go in one basket.

Place out evenly in the top of the basket and bed in with more compost. Water well and hang in a sheltered spot till settled and then hang out in a sunny position. Feed once a week with tomato feed.You can add parsley or basil as these are both good companion herbs for tomatoes, they can be placed on top in the middle.

Upside Down Hanging Tomato Basket.

This is easy enough. Take a wire hanging basket and a cocoa liner, cut a slit in the center of the liner and  feed the plant through add some compost with mix of vermiculite,  leaving part of the stem and last 2 leaves buried in the compost. Fill the rest of the basket with compost planting pea seeds in the top. 

Peas are legumes and legumes have a way of increasing the nitrogen content in the soil they grow in. Parsley and basil are both good herbs to plant with tomatoes so either of these can be planted on top. Tomatoes ripen best  when they are lightly shaded by their own leaves. 

We hope you have found this information hanging baskets useful. If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information. Don't forget you can also get hanging baskets, soil, turf and more delivered straight to your home. Call us on 020 8421 5977 to find out more about our delivery price and delivery areas or see here for more detail

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