Moss Problems on Large Lawn

by G Cross

I have a large lawn about 1,000 sq m, in farming territory, because of all the rain this year, it is mainly covered with a dense carpet of moss. There are shaded areas, but it is mainly in sunshine.What is the quickest, easy, and cheapest way of getting rid. I may invest in a scarifier.

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Dec 05, 2012
moss in lawn.
by: Anlex garden centre

Wet & forget can be used on lawns. The best ratio of Wet & forget to water is around 1 part Wet & Forget to 12 Parts of water. However we recommend a trial patch initially. You get the best results when the grass is slightly damp.

You also may see browning of the grass however it will grow back normally as fast as the grass grows. It is better to freshly mow the lawn so that the moss is more exposed when applying Wet & Forget.

With regards to the paddock you would need to keep animals off until the product has completely dried in. Also you wouldn’t want the animals eating the grass until it has grown back lush green and free of moss.
Wet & forget is avaliable on line at WET & FORGET UK.

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