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angel wingsAngel Wings

'Angel Wings' is a clump-forming, evergreen perennial to about 40cm with large, rounded, velvety, silver leaves. Flat, terminal clusters of small, yellow flowers are produced in summer.


Phoenix Canariensis

Canary island date palm. A tree like palm to 15m or more with a stout trunk and spreading deep green leaves to 5m in length. Pinnately divided into many linear leaflets, drooping panicles of creamy yellow flowers, followed by reddish-yellow fruit.  Their unique architectural shape and spectacular foliage adds instant dramatic impact to any garden. These exotic plants thrive in the UK and are winter hardy to -6. They love a sunny position and are perfect for pots.

Spiraea Cinerea Grefsheim

Grefsheim is a compact deciduous shrub with arching branches, carrying a small, lanceolate, greyish leaves and abundant white flowers 8mm in width in small clusters along the  branches an easy to grow resillent shrub for a wildlife garden or sunny border.

Clematis Mont Meyleen

A vigorous deciduous climber with divided, bronze-tinged leaves and abundant, light pick flowers 7 cm wide with 4 rounded, overlapping petals, paler at the edge, opening in spring and early summer. Likes full sun or part shade, moist but well drained soil, with the roots of the plant kept cool and shaded by other plants or a layer of pebbles at the base. Plant with the crown 5-8cm deep to encourage shoots to grow from below ground  level. Best in a sunny site.

Suggested planting locations and garden types are - FLower borders and beds, wall side borders city and courtyard gardens, cottage & informal garden patio and containers.

Lonicera  Heck Gold Flame

Gold Flame' is a deciduous, or semi-evergreen climber to about 5m with richly-fragrant flowers. These are tubular, arranged in terminal whorls, deep pink outside and orange-yellow within, appearing in late summer. Red berries may follow in autumn. It is more vigorous, with brighter-coloured flowers

Lonicera Per Belgica Select

'Belgica' is a vigorous deciduous climber with paired ovate leaves and fragrant red-flushed white flowers, ageing to yellow, in early summer, followed by red berries


Lonicera Heck American Beauty

American Beauty' _ 'American Beauty' is a deciduous, twining, deciduous climber with ovate, blue-green leaves and, from early summer into autumn, tubular, fragrant, rose-pink flowers flushed with yellow at the centre, borne in whorls at the ends of shoots.

lonicera periclymenum

Lonicera Periclymenum

L. periclymenum is a twining woody, deciduous climber with oval leaves that are borne opposite in pairs. Flowerheads, appearing in summer, consist of whorls of 2 lipped, long, yellow and white trumpets which are sometimes tinged red. Clusters of glossy, red berries follow.

Lonicera Red World

Red World' _ 'Red World' is a vigorous, evergreen to semi-evergreen climber with ovate, dark green leaves, flushed red-bronze in winter. In summer, whorled clusters of red buds open to tubular, white flowers, bright reddish-pink on the outside. Flowers are followed by glossy, black fruit.


Bay Laurels

Straight Stem
Spiral Stem

If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information. Don't forget you can also get gardening products delivered straight to your home. Call us on 020 8421 5977 to find out more about our delivery price and delivery areas or see here for more detail.

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