Petunias Flowering Plants

petunias flowering plants

Petunias flowering plants are recognised for their flowers that have a trumpet-like shape along with vibrant colours that range from pale pink, magenta, blue and purple. These plants grow well if planted in containers, hanging pots or even as a ground cover. For an added touch of colour in your garden or backyard, you might consider adding petunias. These flowers will effectively brighten up any dull looking garden with their vibrant colour's, especially if you will plant several varieties.

Today, several varieties of petunias are now quite resistant to disease, but they might have some problems or required treatment. The seedlings that newly sprouted are vulnerable to fungus attacks. As a result, the plants will wither and eventually die. In order to prevent this from happening, it is best to utilise containers that are thoroughly cleaned and use seeds that were appropriately sterilised.

For the seedlings, they are susceptible to botrytis which is a kind of fungus that quickly spreads from the infected plants to the healthy ones. The fungus can easily develop in cold conditions and will start to form on the leaves, stems and flowers. In order to prevent this, it is advisable to water the soil at the bottom, not directly on top of the plants. Additionally, avoid crowding the plants closely and make sure they will receive adequate circulation.

You can start planting petunias during the spring season. It is best to plant under direct sunlight to develop good quality flowers. Petunias can thrive well in any soil, but they grow best in soils that are fertile with proper drainage. In case they are over watered or drenched in water, these plants will eventually die. If they are fertilised too much, the plants will produce more foliage instead of the flowers.

For branching, simply cut off an inch from the top of the stem right before planting. With some of the varieties of petunia, they typically start to grow in a frail manner while the flowering will stop halfway throughout the blooming season. The solution is to prune the plant to about half length in order to encourage the return of the blooming of flowers. Do not forget to water appropriately every seven to ten days to promote the growth of healthy and deep roots.

With these useful tips on growing petunias, you will surely grow them successfully in your garden or backyard. The vibrant colours of these plants will add a touch of colour to your garden.

We hope you have found this information on petunias flowering plants helpful.  If you need further assistance please contact us for more advice and information. Don't forget you can also get a range of plants, shrubs, compost and more delivered straight to your home. Call us on 020 8421 5977 to find out more about our delivery price and delivery areas or see here for more detail

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