Phormiums New Zealand Flax

Rainbow Maiden is a dwarf, evergreen, fully hardy variety of the phormiums, with its bronze red and pink variegated up right leaves with drooping tips. It is ideal for front borders and growing in tubs. Plant in full sun, in fertile well drained soil. Can reach heights upto 1.2m and 0.8m spread.

Yellow Wave is a clump forming, evergreen, Phormium. The long, leathery arching leaves are mid green with a bright yellow centre. Small tubular red flowers produced on on tall erect stems that tower above the foliage. Yellow wave may need some winter protection. Plant in partial shade to full sun in moist well drained soil. Can reach heights and spread of 1.5m

Bronze Baby is clump forming, dwarf evergreen.The sword like arching foliage is a deep purple-bronze colour. Small tubular red flowers produced on the tall spikes. May need some winter protection. Plant in full sun partial shade in well drained moist soil. Can reach height and spread upto 1m.

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