Thyme White Herb Plants

The thyme white  is a good addition to your garden in case there are small patches present in between stones. The plant is considered hardy and durable even though it has a delicate appearance. With this plant, both the flowers and foliage are miniature in size and brightly colored.

thyme white herb plant

This plant exudes a beautiful appearance throughout the summer season until fall.

As a carpeting plant, it can easily drape over the sides. Take note that the plant can endure under some foot traffic and thrives well in small areas. If you are going to add thyme white in your garden, it can be planted in poor soil but make sure that it drains well.

The moment the plant has established itself in the location where you planted it, minimal care is required. Just take note that these plants are vulnerable to fungal diseases, thus you have to avoid over watering it.

Additionally, leaves that is wet while watering will reduce their fragrance. The best way to keep the plant from becoming excessively woody is to cut back by one half after flowering in order to encourage new growth.

For overwintering, thyme white should be protected from the cold winds by mulching. In areas where the temperature drops below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the plants must be heavily mulched, taken inside or potted. Do not forget that the thyme will end up too woody and should be divided and replaced after 3-4 years.

Planting Thyme

When planting thyme, it can be quite tricky. If you are going to grow the plant indoors, you have to sow the miniature seeds on top of the soil and cover it sparingly 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Always keep the soil moist until germination.

You can even transplant the plant in separate containers once the four true leaves have emerged. If there is legginess, all you have to do is to pinch off the growing tips to make them bushier. It is time to transplant the plants outside when the frost has passed. Provide the plants with 12 inches space apart.

Once it is time to harvest, you can harvest the leaves in the morning right after the dew has dried out, before the flowering period in midsummer. You can harvest the entire plant by cutting and just leave about 2 inches of the plant above the ground. Remember that the plant can recover before the season will end, but it will no longer be resistant to winter.

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